How to Refinish Patio Furniture

Remove all cushions, rubber leg tips and anything else that is not part of the bare-bones furniture.

Thoroughly clean your patio furniture with soap, water and a scrub brush. Use the garden hose to rinse everything thoroughly. Let all the pieces dry.

Use sandpaper and the wire brush to remove all loose, peeling paint or finish.

Use the rust remover to remove any rust spots on metal furniture that does not come off with Step 3.

Use the paint stripper only if your furniture has paint and you'd like to remove the paint in order to stain the item. Follow all directions on the stripper carefully. This is a nasty chemical.

Use a paint brush (or spray primer) to prime all metal or wood furniture that will be painted.

Use the paint brush to paint or stain your furniture at this time. Apply 2 coats, with 24 hours drying time between them. Allow the final coat to dry for 24 hours before moving on to step eight.

Apply any recommended top coat, such as polyurethane, at this time. Metal paint may not require this step, but wood paint may, and wood stain definitely will. Have your paint store help you make an appropriate choice regarding this top coat.

Allow all furniture to dry for at least two days before using.

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