Homemade Suntan Oil

Everyone wants a great tan. But basking in the sun without some kind of sun protection lubricant can age your skin and add wrinkles to your face. Harmful UV rays can even cause skin cancer. If you're going to spend a lot of time in the sun, you need to protect your skin. Although there are plenty of suntan oils on the market, you could just as easily make your own.

Homemade Recipes

When you stay out in the sun, the rays increase the production of melanin in your skin or epidermis. This is what makes your skin turn brown or bronze. By using a sunblock lubricant, you can protect the skin from excess sun exposure, preventing further damage that can eventually result in skin cancer. Ideally, you should limit your sun exposure to 15 to 30 minutes a day if you're not wearing any protection from the sun. However, the sun's rays are actually beneficial, increasing the body's ability to absorb calcium and providing the production of vitamin, which is great for your bones. Before sunning, you should completely exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. This will ensure that you tan evenly. Next, determine what kind of skin type you have. For dry skin, follow the dry skin suntan recipe. For normal skin, follow that recipe. Never use a citrus essential oil in the recipe because this can cause brown spots that are difficult to eliminate. It is important to remember that these oils must be refrigerated and will keep for two to three months. However, don't use them if they smell rancid. Apply the suntan oil generously to your body 30 minutes before sunbathing, allowing the oil to seep into your skin.

For normal skin, you'll need two tbsps. of sesame oil, two tbsps. of wheat-germ oil, four tsps. of hazel nut oil and four tbsps. of walnut oil, five drops of lavender essential oil and five drops of ylang ylang oil. Mix these ingredients well and always shake the bottle before applying the oil to your body. Hazel oil with help the oil to penetrate your skin quickly, adding vitamin E. The wheat-germ oil will help prevent wrinkles and lines. Sesame oil will provide the best protection from UV rays and the walnut oil will also provide protection as well as enhance your tan.

For dry skin, mix four tsps. of hazel nut oil and avocado oil. Then, add four tbsps. of sesame and walnut oil. You'll also need six drops of calendula essential oil and four drops of patchouli essential oil. The additional avocado oil will help moisturize your dry skin with its properties of lecithin and unsaturated fats. But only use cold pressed avocado oil that isn't refined.

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