Hairstyles Ideas for Men

Men's hairstyles have evolved over the years from the regulation military crew cut of the World War II era to trendy adaptations and other contemporary styles that grace men's fashion magazines. Before choosing a hairstyle, men should consider how much time and effort they want to put into their hair. Fuss-free styles such as crew cuts and spikes are ideal for men looking for casual hairstyles while men willing to spend time using styling products can consider fringe, fauxhawk and cornrow hairstyles.


A trendy adaptation of the punk-style Mohawk, the fauxhawk hairstyle has gained popularity over the past few years, according to Men’s Flair website. Traditional mohawks leave a long strip of hair in the middle of the head while the sides are shaved. Gel or wax creates hard spikes with the strip of hair. Unlike mohawks, fauxhawks hairstyles leave the hair on the sides only slightly shorter than the middle.

Crew Cut

The crew cut became one of the most popular men’s hairstyles after being adopted by the military, claims website Men’s Flair. The crew cut requires closely trimming the sides and back of the head while leaving the hair on top slightly longer. The hair on top can vary in lengths to suit individual preferences. The high and tight or buzz cut (a version of the crew cut) involves cutting the hair on top very short and the sides are either buzzed or shaved. Other versions leave the hair on top long enough so that it can be styled with hair products.


A simple and fun hairstyle, spiked hair requires little maintenance and time to achieve. Begin by running a super-hold styling gel through damp hair with your fingers. Start twisting and fingering strands of hair until they stand up in place. Cut your hair the length you want your spikes. You can style spikes in the center of your head or all over by leaving your hair long on all sides.


Ideal for men with straight or wavy hair and long face shapes, the fringe hairstyle brings hair from the crown and temples over the forehead, according to website Fashionising. The fringe, varying in length, can be side swept or cropped. Styling products such as wax or mouse creates texture in the fringe


The cornrow hairstyle involves braiding hair very close to the scalp, as noted on website Cool Men’s Hair. Although cornrows are traditionally done in parallel rows, men can be creative and have them braided into intricate patterns, shapes, curves, and swirls. Cornrows can also be decorated with shells or beads that are braided into the hair. Easy to maintain, cornrows are typically left in for weeks with proper care.

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