Powerful Email Marketing Tips

Email allows you to send individual marketing messages to millions of people at a time at almost no cost. But because email is so cost-effective and easy to use, there are many companies using it. There are some powerful email marketing tips you can use that will help your message stand out from all the others.


In order for your marketing email to be effective, it needs to focus on one single point, according to marketing experts Bennett, Ed Dawidowicz and Mark Hurst, writing on the Power Home Biz website. Marketing emails that try to update customers on all the new developments in the company, or all the great new features of a product, tend to be ignored. Choose one event, or one feature, and make it the focus of your email. This will result in a brief message that has a better chance of getting read.


Customers will start to delete your emails before they even read them, if you send frequent and pointless emails. Make sure the subject of your email is interesting, and send only one marketing message per month, advises internet marketing expert Nick Longo, writing on the BNet website. If you send less than one email a month, customers may start to forget you -- and if you send more, they'll start to ignore you.

Subject Line

Your subject line is one of the most powerful elements of your marketing email, according to the Mind Tools website. When you're creating your subject line, try to determine what kind of newspaper headline would best sell your content to a reader. Newspaper headlines are meant to be short and punchy. Your subject line should also be brief, but it should grab the reader's attention.


If you continually send emails to recipients who don't want them, then you may be reported to your internet service provider as a spammer. Only use the email addresses of people who've agreed to receive marketing emails. The best way to do this is to collect addresses, through an internet form that has a click box to indicate if the person wants to receive emails. Once you have permission, you can safely send emails, without the fear of having your email account shut down.

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