DIY Wire Storage

Wire storage can consist of storing wire for crafting or electrical projects, electrical cords, computer cables and other types of wires. Different wire thicknesses and lengths require different storage methods. Organizing and storing the wire eliminates time wasted sorting through the wire trying to find exactly what you need when a project calls for it. Proper wire storage also reduces the likelihood of damaged wire that will prove useless when you need to use it in a project. Whether you are storing jewelry wire or other wires, use innovative and simple techniques to get organized.

Jewelry and Craft Wire

Straighten the length of wire, using your fingers to correct any bends or twists. Tape one end of the wire near the top lip of an empty thread spool with a piece of 1-inch transparent tape.

Wrap the wire around the spool evenly. Tape the wire end to the coiled wire beneath with transparent tape, or bend the end slightly and poke it through the hole or spokes at the top of the thread spool. Multiple colors or types of wire, such as copper and nickel, can be wrapped around a single cardboard paper towel tube in the same manner. Wrap each wire type around a different section of the tube.

Store your organized wires on spools or cardboard tubes in a plastic storage container with a secure lid. Plastic storage containers are available in many sizes at discount, dollar, container and home improvement stores. Clear containers allow you to see what is stored inside for easy reference.

Electrical Wires or Cords

Wrap wire or cords around your forearm, over your hand and around your elbow until they're neatly coiled.

Grasp the center of the wire or cord coil. Wrap a twist tie, hook-and-loop strip, cable tie or pantyhose strips around the center of the coiled wires/cords. Twist, connect or tie the bundle securely.

Feed a cord with end-to-end connections (plugs and sockets), such as extension cords or holiday lights, through a cardboard paper towel tube so the plug is hanging from the tube. Wrap the cord around the tube neatly. Insert the plug into the socket end to secure the wrapped cord. "Reader's Digest" suggests using masking tape to secure cords or wires without connective ends.

Store the secured bundles or organized cardboard tubes in plastic storage containers. Use seasonal colored plastic containers in red or green to store seasonal wires or cords, such as holiday lights, for easy reference. Large, heavy-duty plastic containers are available from home improvement stores for outside storage of heavy electrical wires such as cable.

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