How to Install an Aquasource Tub Faucet

Aquasource tub faucets mount to a pipe that rests behind a hole in your wall covered by the faucet plate. Aquasource manufactures single handle faucets and individual hot water and cold water faucets. Use the faucet designed for your tub and for the plumbing setup inside the wall. Fortunately, the process for securing either type of Aquasource faucet to your tub remains the same.

Remove the plumbing access panel designed to allow access to your bathtub's plumbing. Unfortunately, not every home has an access panel. If yours does not, you must cut a section of drywall out to allow access to the plumbing. To do this, use a keyhole saw and cut the hole as small as possible to minimize repair time.

Locate the threaded nipple on the end of the water supply pipe. It is visible by looking though the hole cut into the wall to allow for the faucet. Inspect the threaded nipple for a jam nut. Back the jam nut away from the wall as far as possible.

Wrap plumber's tape around the threaded nipple. The tape helps eliminate leaks.

Slide the faucet valve through the hole in the tub wall and thread it on as far as you can with your fingers. Tighten the valve the rest of the way with a pipe wrench.

Turn the jam nut until it butts up against the back of the faucet valve. Tighten the jamb nut with the wrench.

Place the cover over the faucet valve to cover the hole and then secure it with the supplied screws.

Slide the handle or knob onto the valve. If using a single handle faucet, secure the handle by tightening the setscrew with a screwdriver. If using individual faucets, secure the handle by tightening the screw in the center of the knob and then press the cap onto the end of the knob with your fingers.

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