Dealerships Struggling to Move Unsold 2020 Jeeps

2020 wasn’t a great year for car manufacturers. That includes Jeep, which saw diminishing sales as consumers avoided dealerships due to pandemic concerns. Sales are recovering, but many dealerships need to clear out unsold 2020 models to make room for newer vehicles. That creates an opportunity for drivers. By using online resources to check local dealerships, you may be able to find a once-in-a-lifetime deal on a new Wrangler, Cherokee, Gladiator, or other Jeep.

Why Jeep Dealerships Are Offering Deals

The pandemic had a dramatic effect on the auto industry. That includes best-selling SUVs; Jeep Grand Cherokee sales fell in 2020, and while sales of used cars eventually recovered, the sales numbers for new vehicles continue to lag behind. The losses also affected the Wrangler, Cherokee, Compass, and other popular models.

The trend created enormous amounts of unsold inventory. That’s a problem for dealerships, since the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokees are already arriving.

To clear space, some dealerships are offering once-in-a-lifetime incentives. That might mean cashback offers, 0.0% APR financing for a certain promotional period, or simply a much, much lower retail price; offers vary greatly by dealership, and drivers need to research carefully in order to find the best bargains.

However, there’s a good reason to start looking: Major redesigns are rare. For example, the 2021 Grand Cherokee is virtually identical to the 2020 Grand Cherokee. The latest model is available with an optional 80th Anniversary Edition trim package, but otherwise, the two models are almost exactly the same.

Overstocks have affected most new vehicles, but if you’re in the market for a new Jeep, consider checking local dealerships for bargains on these models:

  • Jeep Wrangler - One of the more popular Jeep models, the Wrangler is a go-anywhere crossover with a spacious interior, high-end tech features, and plenty of classic Jeep character.
  • Jeep Cherokee - With advanced safety features, the recently redesigned 2020 Jeep Cherokee is an excellent option for offroading and towing.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee - Like the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee is a true off-road vehicle. The Grand Cherokee offers a classic SUV look and plenty of optional features to keep you comfortable during your next adventure.
  • Jeep Gladiator - The Gladiator pickup features best-in-class towing capacity, adaptive cruise control, and active braking, along with a surprisingly luxurious interior.

Jeep vehicles are perpetual bestsellers because they provide an elegant blend of luxury, technology, and utility. For savvy drivers, the current market presents an incredible opportunity to buy a brand-new Jeep for much less than the typical MSRP.

Finding Deals on 2020 Jeep SUVs and Crossovers

As we’ve mentioned, some dealerships have massive overstocks — but that’s not true for every Jeep dealer in the United States. Consumers need to look carefully at their options, weighing incentives, financing options, and other factors.

To make that process easier, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t assume that every dealership offers the same pricing. MSRP stands for “Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price,” and that’s accurate — the pricing is just a suggestion. When dealerships need to move inventory, pricing can drop quickly. Keep notes about each dealership’s offers and try to visit at least 3-4 websites before starting negotiations.
  • Compare incentives carefully. Jeep offers excellent incentives, which can include promotional APR periods and cashback. Evaluate these offers carefully. A 60-month 0.0% APR might save you much more money than $1,000 cashback.
  • Look at every model. Even if you’re set on a new Grand Cherokee, take a look at offers for Wranglers and other vehicles. By searching online, you might be able to find an eye-catching deal that’s too good to pass up — and since Jeep is known for consistent quality, you’ll be able to hit the road with complete peace of mind.

Remember, you’ll be able to negotiate effectively if you’ve researched the market. Be prepared to mention competitor pricing and sales incentives. If you’re able to find a great deal, keep looking; the market conditions favor buyers, and a little bit of legwork goes a long way.

Researching Online to Buy a New Jeep on a Budget

Current Jeep overstocks won’t last forever. Many dealerships are reopening their doors, and most have embraced digital sales. Recent sales trends indicate that more consumers are considering new vehicle purchases, so if you’re in the market for a new Jeep, try to move quickly.

By looking online, you can check pricing, evaluate incentives, and even apply for financing. Many dealerships also offer scheduled test drives, and some even allow buyers to complete their purchases online. However, it’s important to avoid making a decision until you’ve researched the competition.

The resources on this page can help you locate dealerships and compare offers. Whether you’re looking for a Grand Cherokee, a Wrangler, or another utility vehicle, you’ll find plenty of deals on 2020 models — and by comparing carefully and negotiating, you may be able to lock down an excellent bargain on a brand-new Jeep.